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Tips From The Top.

We, at Blue Flame, love to give advice on how to save money and protect your plumbing and central heating system, minimising callouts and stacking up unwanted bills. 

Our weekly tips to help you save money.

During the summer, we'd suggest turning your central heating on at least once a week for 10 or so minutes. 

This will help your valves and controls to keep moving, minimising the risk of them ceasing when it's time to turn your heating on.

Have a magnaclean fitted to your central heating boiler pipes, which we clean out as standard on every boiler service. This is a very cost effective way to protect your heating system/radiators.

Have thermostatic valves fitted to your radiators, enabling you to control the temperature individually.

A wireless roomstat fitted to your home will control the overall temperature of your house and switch the boiler off when it's satisfied, cutting your fuel bills.

We'd recommend using your timer. You can bring the heating on in the morning before you wake, and in the evening when returning from work. In extremely cold conditions you can keep the heating on for long periods but control the temperature with your room stat. 

If your boiler stops working during the winter, it may be a frozen condense pipe. We'd suggest pouring warm water over the condense pipe if it's outside. Make sure the pipe is lagged sufficiently to help resolve this. 

Have your boiler serviced once a year. It can eradicate costly bills and help your boiler run more efficiently.

A radiator that's not heating on the top is usually just air. Make sure to keep them bled for best results.

Keep an eye on the pressure of your boiler. Make sure it's topped up to at least 1 bar, otherwise it can stop working. 

Buy a carbon monoxide alarm and situate it close to your boiler. Any local hardware shop sells them.

Powerflush your central heating every 5 years. This will help maintain your radiators and help prolong the life of your boiler.

Please feel free to call us for more tips. We are on hand to help you however we can. Our friendly staff are only a phone call away.

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